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Shenzhen perfect love “ten hearts, ten arrows” diamond will be permanently settled in the Belgian DIVA Diamond Museum

Gold jewelry investment network ( 09 month 06 days, recently, in Shenzhen local jewelry enterprises of independent intellectual property rights of the diamond cutting technology to build the diamond in the “diamond” of Belgium’s most authoritative DIVA diamond museum. It is also the first time Chinese jewelry has entered the museum, suggesting that China will work with Belgium in a wider scope and in-depth cooperation in the field of diamonds in the future.
Belgium Antwerp time on September 4th afternoon, Chinese and the Belgian government “The Belt and Road” project of Shanghai Diamond Exchange and the Antwerp municipal government annual cultural exchange activities and the depth of the signing ceremony was held in Antwerp city hall.
On the spot, the head of Shenzhen perfect diamond Co., Ltd, signed the contract with Belgian DIVA. According to the agreement between the two sides, the perfect love company’s own intellectual property rights of “ten hearts and ten arrows” diamond cutting technology to build a 3 carat perfect love diamond, will be stationed in the DIVA museum next May, became its permanent collection.
It is understood that ALLOVE perfect love diamond technology originated in belgium. Shenzhen City, the perfect love company after 32 years of research, coupled with multiple communication master cut Belgium, in February 26, 2013 created the world’s first one to 81 facet cutting, showing internal structure of the ten heart ten arrows “perfect proportion ALLOVE perfect love diamond. The cutting technology is a breakthrough in the history of modern diamond technology, create the ideal optical ratio of diamond section, fill in the ordinary diamond cutting “leak point”, let the diamonds shine degree compared with the ordinary diamond increased dramatically, showing all colors of the rainbow “fire” effect.

How to customize a diamond ring on the Internet?

With the understanding of the Internet, the online custom diamond ring than in the store, and more affordable style, so more and more people started in the online custom diamond ring, but not always online than in the store that people trust, little attention is likely to be cheated, so you should be familiar with the Online Custom diamond ring the note and process.
Matters needing attention´╝Ü
First, to customize the diamond ring on the Internet, you need to know the process of customizing the diamond ring, where to make it more affordable and to understand the cost structure of the diamond ring.
Two, in the online custom diamond ring diamond 4C learning knowledge, diamond is a natural form, the quality of diamond by diamond diamond 4C attribute decision, therefore, before the custom diamond ring, diamond is the most basic learning 4C. Only by understanding the diamond 4C diamond can you buy a diamond ring with a high performance price.
Three, in the online custom diamond ring to determine the budget, look at several different shops, make a comparison before! Custom diamond ring, also need to determine the budget, within budget, with the diamond 4C knowledge, the highest price to buy a diamond ring.
Customize the diamond ring process on the internet:
1, choose style: first female search on the Internet, then there will be a lot of different styles of diamond rings, when you see your love style, you can take down the picture and style.
2, choose the bare drill: pick your Italian custom before diamond, diamond ring, also need to determine the budget, within budget, with the diamond 4C knowledge, the highest price to buy a diamond ring.
3, order: choose a diamond ring, style and bare diamond, you can customize your diamond ring information sent to the custom merchant confirmed the custom!
4: Payment: the price of the diamond ring at the end = the price of the ring and the price of the bare diamond. After you have completed the order, complete the payment you need to pay, and then the merchant will put you in the customized production!
5, waiting for delivery: general business production cycle for 10 working days, you are waiting for receipt at home, when receiving goods must check to see whether the quality of qualified, whether you want to achieve the effect

How do you see a diamond ring?

We choose diamond rings. Besides the quality of diamonds, we must also look at the workmanship of the diamond rings. The price of diamond rings is influenced not only by the quality of diamond and the material of prayer rings, but also by the workmanship of diamond rings. How do you see the workmanship of a diamond ring?
1. How do you see the workmanship of a diamond ring? Check whether the diamond is firmly embedded. In order to keep the diamond from falling, it is necessary not only to secure the diamond, but also to leave the gap between the diamond and the metal.
2, the diamond ring shape is in line with the requirements of the designer?. If the designer’s diamond ring requirement is symmetrical, the pattern and shape can not deviate from the center, or two symmetrical, or symmetric, must not appear symmetrical on both sides of the rough or inconsistent size.
3, whether the metal surface cracks and the internal surface is bright and clean. Improper casting, welding, and quality of the alloy can leave these marks. A fine diamond ring will not leave a rough surface, nor will it have uneven edges.
4, diamond ring welding seam or traces. Good quality diamond ring, processing fine, smooth surface, uniform quality is exquisite, no knife chisel marks, no burr; pattern combination of harmony, ring fine clear, smooth pattern. Ring evenly proportioned, narrow and moderate. If it is gold or gold ring, the surface should be bright and uniform, consistent color, corner and bump junction without pores, black or dim; the welding point should be smooth, no Xuhan phenomenon.
5, diamond ring, ring face with ring foot, to see whether the weight of the two is appropriate. How do you tell the quality of a diamond ring? Generally, diamond rings with good workmanship are more important than ring feet, if they are not very good workmanship. In overweight cases, a diamond ring falls to your finger’s belly. The method of examination is to wear the ring first on the little finger, to keep it loose, and gently shake it, so that the lower end of the finger with the ring face does not turn flat

How to clean a diamond ring?

Diamond ring how to clean, diamond ring cleaning is usually very important, because this is directly related to color and other issues.
Clean with a special detergent, brush with a soft brush. Pour the detergent into the bowl and mix it with warm water. Put the diamond ring in it and brush gently with a soft brush.
Of course, the best way is to send jewelry store cleaning, such as love birds in Shanghai and Beijing experience shop, not here to buy diamonds, we can also clean for you free of charge. It is recommended that you send it to the store every 6 months to clean up.
Clean platinum regularly, just like cleaning other precious jewelry – use special jewelry cleaners or soak it in a mild soapy water, then wipe it gently with a soft cloth

How to calculate the price of diamonds _ diamond prices

The weight of the diamond, color color (column), clarity, price (bar) * 100 * RMB exchange rate (6.9) can be obtained by the price of diamonds.
At 52 cents (0.52ct) F VVS1, the diamond is priced at $5 thousand and 400 at first
The price is calculated as: 54 * 100 * 6.9 (RMB exchange rate) * 0.52 (diamond carat) =19375.20 yuan

How to identify diamond grades?

How to identify diamond grades? In the jewelry market, there are all kinds of diamonds, and how to distinguish a diamond grade is the main problem in diamond trade.
How to identify diamond grades? First of all, the identification of diamond grade should be considered in four aspects:
1. color: diamond color grades are divided into D-E, F-G, h, I-J, k-l.
2. clarity: Diamond clarity level from high to low, detailed can be divided into FL, if, vvs1, VVS2, vs 1, VS2, SI1, SI2, Si3, P1, P2, p3. The less inclusions of diamonds, the more refracted the light, and the more dazzling diamonds are.
3. carat weight: the diamond price is proportional to the square of the carat weight of the diamond in the case that the other three standards are the same. The bigger the diamond, the rarer.
4. Diamond Cut: cut to give second lives, because from the unknown to the public stone fire color into a gorgeous diamond, all by cutting technology. Cut refers to various ratio and cutting parameters of diamond.
Diamond rating is a factor in determining diamond prices. The higher the diamond, the higher the price. Then we were called to the naked eye color, clarity, cut and carat weight? So don’t forget the very important diamond identification certificate. Diamond certified certificates provide accurate 4C data and can be used to identify the diamond

Diamond fluorescence level

Diamond fluorescence level
About 50% of diamonds produce fluorescence under ultraviolet radiation. The color and intensity of diamond fluorescence have some influence on the appearance of diamonds, and sometimes even affect the price of diamonds. This is the significance of diamond grading. The following describes the diamond fluorescence level.
Most diamonds have more or less a little fluorescence. In the grading certificates of international diamonds such as GIA, the fluorescence levels are indicated for your reference. According to the standard on the GIA certificate, the diamond fluorescence grade is divided into:
1, none (none)
2, faint (weak)
3, medium, blue (medium blue) or medium yellow (medium yellow)
4, strong, blue (strong blue) or strong yellow (strong yellow)
Although it is a natural diamond fluorescence index, but in the international diamond market, its value depends on the level of 4C, the international diamond quotation no diamond fluorescent this option in our daily life, can not see the diamond fluorescence. When we pick a diamond, we can choose the diamond as long as the 4C is up to its standard.
Of course, superior diamonds only use diamonds without fluorescence and diamond fluorescence. The diamonds in the fluorescence category are blue. They also have strict requirements for the position of the inclusions. Only the diamond with the inclusions in the surface can not be used

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